5 French Inspired Blogs to Follow Before You Go

Yes I am counting down the days (83) until I leave for my European vacation involving both Venice and Paris. Two cities that embody elegance, classic art history narratives and artists as well as fabulous architecture for history’s chic and rich to frolic behind. It’s my second time travelling to Venice but my first to Paris so I’ve been rooting out resource gems for my fellow travellers and I then I thought, Why not share them with you too?!
With this post I am going beyond popular favourites of so many blog followers with a love of French culture. For example David Leibovitz and Lost in Cheeseland are go tos for me. But the blogs listed below, in no particular order, are impressive visually and contain information that captures my sense of imagination and organization. While each writer may not be stationed in Paris they do, however, offer invaluable information to get you excited and where you want to go. These are my favourite French inspired blogs…

MessyNessyChic - Top 5 French inspired blogs

5. Messy Nessy Chic

I have already spent hours pouring through Vanessa’s – founder also goes by the name Nessy – many posts ranging from foodie films to secret places to go in Paris. This evening I plan to pour over more with a glass of wine reading about the top 12 places to dine à la Belle Epoque Paris and her archives of Secret Paris. The main thing you’ll take away is a long list of places that locals cherish which will help you discover Paris without pesky cues and . Even after your return from the city of love and light you should keep following her for her wide range of topics such as vintage shopping sprees inspired by Jimmy Hendrix and her knack for finding oddities floating around the internet. 

MessyNessyChic 's secret Paris - Top 5 French Inspired Blogs
3 Messy Nessy Chic posts to get your started:
10 Treasure Maps to Secret Paris
Last Night a DJ Saved my Life in a Secret Bomb Shelter
The Floating Paris Winery


Travel Fashion Girl - Top 5 French Inspired blogs - this one for great packing lists

4. Travel Fashion Girl

This blog isn’t based in Paris but has everything you need to help you pack for your trip to France in all regions and all over the world. She helps women pack lighter (something I aspire to do with every trip since 2010) and more importantly pack a carry on for trips of every length. One of my fears is never packing enough of my makeup and skin care products, she has information for that too to quell your worries. This June/July I am inspired to take a carry on…wish me luck!

Travel Fashion Girl - Pack light and right before going to Paris
3 Distinctly Paris Posts:
Packing the Perfect Wardrobe for Paris
10 French Girl Inspired Style Tips
Best Shopping Spots Around Paris


Paris by Mouth

3. Paris by Mouth

If you’re heading to Paris and want to find the perfect restaurant/baguette/croissant/cheesemonger etc. in a specific area of the city then this is the perfect blog. Paris by Mouth hosts contests each year to find the very best the city has to offer. They just completed their rankings for best lemon tarts and the results might surprise you.
Guide to dinning in Paris - at Paris by Mouth

3 Delicious Posts:
No Tourist Traps: Best Near the Eiffel Tower
Best Near the Louvre
Paris Food & Wine Events

GoutTaste - Best French Inspired Blog

2. Gout+Taste

Author Emily Grossman writes about ways to live a French lifestyle from her homestead in Denver. She’ll inspire you to make small changes to your life letting it build to a certain je ne sais quoi. And if you’ve completely fallen in love with the culture and feel that sense of second home sickness after you return but can’t exactly make the expat plunge, she demonstrates that the French life doesn’t always have to be lived in France. Style, food, wine and how to swear en Français at home.
Top 5 French Inspired Blogs to read before you go to France
Favourites of Mine:
Are the French Rude? 5 Reasons Americans Might Think So
Confession: Why I Hate the Eiffel Tower

5 Paris Destinations for the Foodie on a Budget

Top 5 French inspired blogs to reader before you go to Paris

1. Et si on se Promenait… à Paris

You’re traveling to a city where the population speaks French so what kind of traveller would you be if you didn’t learn a bit of the local language before you go? Blogs are a great way to practice up your Francophone skills and this blog helps you do just that but is aesthetically pleasing to boot. It also comes with an interactive map that helps you discover areas of Paris by arrondissement. 
Learn French by reading French blogs

Learn a bit of the local lingo with these 3 posts:
Cerisiers en Fleurs
Ville Lumière
Un Soir à Montmartre

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Top 5 Venice blogs are to be released soon!

*Top featured photo taken by Julika Sarah of Sateless-Suitcase.com


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