Image of meMurissa is an introvert. Or at least she is until someone brings up travel, food and wine. It was in 2010 when she first discovered her passions during an art history study abroad trip focusing on the Veneto region of Italy. The food, people, landscapes all colluded to create a perfect storm that would set her on a path with no return.

Six years of writing under The Wanderfull Traveler all began in 2011 while procrastinating over a 20 page essay for Canadian art history…can you blame me?

Not really sure of what to expect, Murissa began writing into the blogosphere. Since then this seemingly insignificant moment has lead her to the most amazing experiences:


She’s not a digital nomad. She works a full time job, has a mortgage, car payments, a sassy Pugalier named Rémi and loves living in the Okanagan. Where’s that you might ask? Click here to find out.

Other fun facts:

  • Murissa can speak French: She was enrolled in French immersion from grade 1 to 8 in Prince George, BC until she had to move to a small BC town called Grand Forks. 
  • Murissa has never lived outside of British Columbia. She’s a true BC girl through and through.
  • She’s lived in 4 different cities and towns across BC from the North to the South.
  • Her favourite wine is made by the Okanagan’s own Kalala Organic Estate Winery
  • Her favourite beer is made by Hoyne Brewing Company located in Victoria, BC
  • She likes to eat around her adopted hometown in Kelowna, particularly at BNA.
  • This summer she is determined to take up SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) on the Okanagan Lake

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Hi! I'm Murissa and I live in the Okanagan Wine Valley of British Columbia, Canada. I enjoy traveling around the world for food and local spirits. I consider myself a Champagne enthusiast and enjoy sharing my conquests on this website since 2011. Follow along as I explore my home wine valley and dabble in the occasional globetrotting. Soon to be raising a foodie of my own come July 2018!

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