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Why Carpe Diem ImageMurissa started The Wanderfull Traveler to keep the urgency to write after she graduated from UBC Okanagan with a double major in art history and creative writing. Writing has always been her first passion. In grade four she wrote magical stories of UFO’s landing in her yard only to find out it was her (fictional) inebriated father crashing into the pine tree in the front yard.

Since then her love of writing has led her to travel, photography and even a bit of videography in pursuit of storytelling.
If you’re interested in starting a blog she would advise you to do it. Provided that you have a passion for your blog’s niche and connecting with people whether it be via writing, photography, video or another other medium you can convey over the World Wide Web.

She’s not looking to get rich and neither should you be.

She’s not looking for free trips and neither should you be.


This form of writing keeps her curious. Always helping her to look at the world from various perspectives. She values experiences over material possessions because in the end that’s all we’re left with. As much as she hates this now clichéd battle cry of the millennial generation forever ruined by Drake, she finds truth in YOLO. 
This blog helps her discover new places, people and experiences at times with the help of tours, accommodations provided to her – in which case she always makes it known to her readers with a disclaimer at the end of the blog post.


If you’d like to take your blog to the next level:

In 2013 Murissa participated in the Navigate Media Group’s Blog House.
It was a rewarding experience that took her blog to the next level. If you’re interested in applying please click here.
(I have no affiliation other than the fact that I paid for my spot and thoroughly enjoyed my time learning at BlogHouse Ireland.)

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Hi! I'm Murissa and I live in the Okanagan Wine Valley of British Columbia, Canada. I enjoy traveling around the world for food and local spirits. I consider myself a Champagne enthusiast and enjoy sharing my conquests on this website since 2011. Follow along as I explore my home wine valley and dabble in the occasional globetrotting. Soon to be raising a foodie of my own come July 2018!

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