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What Lies Beneath: Snorkelling Oahu & Video

What Lies Beneath: Snorkelling Oahu & Video

Having been to the island of Oahu three times I consider myself well versed in its fluctuating snorkelling conditions. Lanikai Beach, for example, was the ideal place to snorkel when I first visited its vibrant green coral reefs and schools of fish that got bigger as your ventured further. My first time on Waikiki Beach… Continue Reading

Postcards: Oahu

Postcards: Oahu

Aloha! I’ve returned a little browner, a little blonder and even more fascinated by the Ocean life I’ve encountered. With my trusty GoPro I’ve captured a sea turtle and a whole lot of colourful fish. It’s not groundbreaking, I know, but as an enthusiast of ocean waves and the life it keeps within its briny… Continue Reading

And So It Begins…

         Welcome to the first post of the Wanderfull Traveler!  Like the title implies, I am an avid traveler and I love good food so I will be posting about all my great finds wherever I go; it may be around the corner here in Kelowna, or around the globe.  I encourage… Continue Reading

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