Oak + Cru Brewers Brunch: The Great Okanagan Beer Festival ’17

You’ve got an entire day of beers and ciders ahead of you. The Okanagan sunshine is set to make an appearance. The kegs are tapped and the food truck grills are a sizzle with promise. The musicians are checking their sound – Check one, two. Check. Check. 
Before you event think about walking through the entrance you need to prepare yourself for the day.
Luckily, this year Oak + Cru offered a brewers brunch for those looking to start the day off right with a proper hearty meal. I was invited to the brunch with the Great Okanagan Beer Festival’s official photographer, Adam, who also has a big part in arranging the event. It was a pleasure to sit down and discuss how much the Okanagan has boomed with craft breweries since the event’s arrival to the valley 3 years ago. 

Oak + Cru is also a newbie on the culinary scene here in Kelowna. Housed in the Delta Grand Hotel, it took the place of the hotels previously sad looking buffet. Now it is alive with colourful tiles, a wood fire oven and one of the best patios in the city (see location in image above).


Let’s sit by the fire tonight! #firedeck #woodstoneoven #flatbread #socialkitchen

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If you arrive during the evening you’ll be hard pressed to find a seat outside and more accurately you’ll have to join a waitlist – no reservations for the outdoor patio. Oak + Cru is very popular with locals for lunch and dinner but few know that it offers a fierce brunch. 

During our sit down I had to opt for a freshly pressed apple juice made from Okanagan apples and the official brewers brunch for the day. Adam, hailing from England, chose the English breakfast and my husband ordered the classic eggs, toast and bacon with their house made jam. 
My brewers brunch, pictured above, was basically a luxurious and filling hash with eggs how you want ’em, chorizo, potatoes, baked beans and melted cheese. You couldn’t go wrong ordering this to start your day of beer tastings. In fact, I could have shared it with a friend it was so much served in a piping hot skillet. 

The English breakfast, also served in a skillet, wasn’t what I thought having experienced a true UK breakfast on my honeymoon back in October. But nonetheless, it was approved by Adam as a worthy breakfast to start his busy day of copious beers and photographing those who drink it all. His green juice smoothie, on the other hand, appeared to be just the ticket for a recovery after a weekend of indulging in beer, cider and smokies.

Aside from our cheesy brunch delights you can get healthy options such as smoothies (as mentioned above), kombucha, quinoa porridge, O+C fennel granola with their own O+C honey drizzled overtop and Canadian classics like the smoked salmon eggs benedict. 


Dreaming of lake, boat and patio kind of days… ☀️

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Oak + Cru is one of my designated brunch spots to frequent in Kelowna.
What’s your favourite brunch spot in the Okanagan?


*My brunch at Oak + Cru was complimentary because of my coverage of the Great Okanagan Beer Festival. All opinions are my own and despite having my jacket accidentally coated in ketchup I very much enjoyed my brunch. Management was very gracious and offered to have my jacket dry cleaned which was so kind of them! The last time I had something spilled on my jacket while dinning out all I got was an “Oops!” So I can say with full confidence that not only is Oak + Cru a delicious lunch spot but management offers great customer service!

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