Olive Oil Tasting: Eataly Part 2

“We Sell What We Cook & We Cook What We Sell”

The Tom Ford of Olive Oil

Behind Eataly’s endless cornucopia of pasta, pizza, fresh produce (with a vegetable butcher), meats of all cuts, cheeses of all ages, wine for all budgets and palates, and the Birreria – an entire rooftop dedicated to various types of beer with a retractable roof and an elaborate menu sure to win the heart of any man – there is Eataly’s knowledgeable staff willing to go that extra mile for each and every customer.

After the depletion of my olive oil from Italy I wanted something very special to replace it. With the huge selection at Eataly choosing is no easy task. At one moment you think you want olive oil but then the next you are distracted by the selection of face creams (made with olive oil and great for dry skin) or the yogurt face masks, the useful but decorative kitchen tools and perhaps even the astounding amount of pasta you never knew existed. In the midst of the dizzying variety a member of Eataly’s team emerged from the steam of boiling pasta (similar to Venus emerging from sea foam except replace the sea shell for a boiling pot) and offered to conduct an olive oil tasting, something I thought I would have to go back to Italy for.

He handed out the miniature plastic spoons and broke their selection down for us. The most popular olive oils were lined up on a display ranging from grassy (and less expensive) to more rich and subdued (most expensive). To taste olive oil you must sip it between your pursing lips so that you get both the aroma and that the taste is dispersed throughout your mouth. Doing so with the grassy olive oil with create a peppery/spicy effect that will probably make you cough. The Eataly team member said that coughing is actually a compliment to the olive oil producer. As we moved up on the budget scale the olive oil became less grassy and contained a smoother finish with no spice or cough.

In the end I enjoyed the olive oil that was a mix of lemon grass and smooth finish while my mom decided on two luxurious and smooth olive oils and the same lemon grass/smooth olive oil as I bought.
There were those olive oils that reached what only a connoisseur would would want to pay a hefty price for (and would be able to tell the difference). Some balsamic vinegars even reached $140+ because of how long they were aged, much like wine.

How about some bread to go with your new olive oil?

Eataly on 5th Ave in New York is one of the best places for any foodie, cook, baker, Italofile, or just a lover of pizza to seek out. With an endless selection of absolutely everything you are bound to find something for the pickiest of eaters and travelers.

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  1. OMG! This is gonna be my caterer mom and chef brother's paradise! Oh well, although I know how to cook the basics (frying, grilling, boiling, etc…) that I can survive, these two from my family would exchange anything just to live there in that place! lol

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