Tofino, British Columbia – Surf Town, Canada

It’s the dead of winter and, as usual for this time of year, I find myself day dreaming of places I’d rather be. Warmer locals or other places that are devoid of so much snow.
Unexpectedly, and happily I might add, I also find myself 13 weeks pregnant leaving me to face 2018 without any travel plans. This is such a change for me.

This time last year I was planning a trip to Tofino for my 30th birthday in June of 2017. A trip I have yet to write about until now due to a busy and exciting end to 2017. A new house, a baby on the way, it has all been very overwhelming.

Now that I have a moment to breathe I can reflect on one of my all time favourite trips had in Canada. 

Tofino is on the Western side of Vancouver Island and is only reached after following a winding road through ancient cedars and towering douglas fir trees, mountains and lakes. 
You’ll be tempted to stop along the way with the many hidden gems that will surely catch your attention, including Cathedral Grove where you can hike into the wilderness gawking at the thick and towering stalks some dating back to 1137. 

But Tofino is the small gem of the island with wildlife, small town living with world class food and the most gorgeous Pacific Ocean views at every beach, lookout and hike…or boat!

It was Canada Day weekend and my nation was celebrating its 150th year of confederation. I wanted to be in nature, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, golden and white headed eagles, fresh food from the ocean and families enjoying the surf.

Canadian art history lessons started to floor back to me as I remembered the picturesque scenes edited to entice those back in England to come to the new world. The new world was presented to me at each twist and turn down mysterious roads that disappeared into raincoast forests. It was a dream. Today, it is a dream.

I can, and will, go into some detail on the food, locals, scenery and beaches in future posts – not to mention our amazing AirBnB – but for now I will leave with you the fact that I have returned to blogging because I do love sharing stories. And perhaps the little one on the way will read these someday finding inspiration.

Spotting star fish in the surf on Chesterman Beach.



Have you been to Tofino? What did you love about it?

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