3 Blogs to Follow Before You Go to Venice

With only 1 month to go until I return to Venice. I have been allowing myself to binge on all things Venetian during the weekends. This includes watching usually bad movies set in the gorgeous Venice (think The Tourist and Summertime with Katherine Hepburn) and reading books, novels, blogs also all set in one of my favourite cities of the world. But I admit, finding a good blog about Venice is tough. First of all, it’s a much smaller population (about 60,000) in a much smaller area than, say, Paris (about 2,000,000+) where there are many Paris-focused blogs to choose from.
Venetian blogs on the other hand are far and few between.

Unfortunately, I can’t afford to move there and start one myself but until I win the lottery here are my favourite bloggers who have written great pieces about Venice and get me excited to explore the city once again! Here are my favourite blogs to follow before you go to Venice.


Top 4 blogs to follow before you go to Venice

1. Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome

I realize that this blog title can be misleading when it comes to hunting for Venetian themes but trust me when I say Minchilli’s credentials make her the go to girl for eating in Venice. Heck, she wrote the app for eating in Venice ($2.99 CAD)! As well as for Rome, Florence and pretty much all of Italy in general.

Top 4 blogs to follow before you go to Venice

Want to know where to get an authentic Venetian meal? Then you can head over to her blog or download the app. Find the restaurant within your budget and sestiere.
Three on point Venetian foodie posts:
Antiche Carampane
Do Mori
Pronto Pesce (Fish+Venice)


Top 4 blogs to follow before you go to Venice

2. I am not making this up

This title perfectly describes how I felt about Venice after my first visit. The scenery and history of the city can feel surreal at times. There really is only one Venice and we need to protect it. Erla, writer of I am not making this up chronicles her every day life in Venice and the amazing things that come with day to day meanderings. Her blog makes you realize how much history still lives within the façades and upon the canal while tourists and locals live their contemporary lives in this iconic setting.
Top 3 blog posts:
How Not to Get Gondoliered
Springing Ahead in Venice
Another Day, Another Storica


Top 3 Venetian Blogs to get your fix

3. Venezia Blog

An American expat, Sig. Nonloso, writes about living in Venice with his wife and 6 year old son. The photos are stories within themselves and he published quite often so you’re able to get your Venetian fix more than once a week. His appreciation for art and capturing daily human life in the city keeps me coming back daily to see what he has seen to live vicariously through his lens.
3 posts as gorgeously written as the photos:
The Arsenale Opens Wide
Drinking in Good Literature & Fine Wine at Mercato di Rialto
Autumn in the Secret Garden, Guidecca


 Need more Venice? Here are other blogs worthy of a read:

Italie Découverte – A French blog dedicated to all things Italian including Venice.


Capturing Venice – A blog featuring Venice – you can find itineraries, art and literature taking place in Venice.


A Garden in Venice – This blog focuses on the green spaces within the lagoon but also ventures into the realm of food and helpful travel tips.

Know of some other Venetian blogs I might have missed? Tell me in the comments below!


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11 Responses to 3 Blogs to Follow Before You Go to Venice

  1. An excellent Venice movie that you have not mentioned, but you may have seen is “Don’t Look Now” with Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie. A bit scary but great cinematography!

    I am off to Venice again in a couple of weeks for Carnevale! An event that everyone should see (at least) once in their lives

  2. Thank you for this post and your fabulous blog! Check out michellenovakvenice.com! And if you love reading about all things Venezia, check out “Venice” by Michelle Novak on Amazon! Happy Travels!

  3. Love the photo at the top of this post! Taking the pic from the water is the way to do it. I couldn’t get far enough away from St. Mark’s or the Doge’s Palace to get either one in a single frame. It was almost as hard as trying to get a decent photo of the Duomo in Florence. My photos just did not do justice to these massive, gorgeous architectural wonders.

    The countdown is on! You must be starting to get excited now. By the way, I watched The Tourist three times before my trip 🙂

    • Hi Laura!

      Lol The Tourist is a guilty pleasure of mine as well. I’ve been looking for more movies set in Venice but they are hard to find with the limited ways to rent/watch films nowadays. Netflix & iTunes usually don’t have many of the movies I am looking for especially the old ones, Luckily they did have Summertime with Katherine Hepburn. It was a dud in story but much like The Tourist it showcased Venice extremely well.

      I am happy to be returning with my DSLR camera – last time I had a good Nikon but no where near the quality that RAW files give me for editing purposes. We’ll see how they compare after I return.

  4. Venice i not off my list of places to see once again. I travelled there when I was 18, so a few short years ago..wink.

    • Hi Val!
      Lol, it’s such a fun place. After I visited in 2010 I felt compelled to take my sister.
      I feel so lucky to have the chance to go a second time within 4 years of first going.
      Let me know if there is anything you think I shouldn’t miss!

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