Wanderlist Series #2: Norway

Wanderlist Series #2: Norway. Unique AirBnBs, spots to eat, and must reads before you go.

Aside from being part Ukrainian and British I am also part Norwegian and Swedish. I also found out I am part Belgian just a few months ago but that’s another story entirely!
My grandpa on my mom’s side had his Norwegian and Swedish roots reinforced through stories my great grandparents and great great grandparents would tell him. His most favoured anecdote being about my great great grandmother famously saying “A thousand Swedes run through the weeds chased by one Norwegian” in her thick nordic accent.

My grandpa dearly wants me and my family to go to Norway. It’s a part of him that he values. A family history that is unknown to us all and yet calls to us mysteriously from the depths of history. In typical Viking fashion, I think he wants to reclaim that part of himself. Own it proudly. And by traveling there we are doing so on his behalf.

I for one think it is a great idea. With my ever growing list of places to go and things to try Norway is on my list of top 10. And with this roundup of places to stay and things to eat/do I think it would make a perfect place for a summer holiday by the sea.

Live like a local - get $40 CAD off your first AirBnB stay

Oslo is Norway’s capital so I’m thinking if I want to do any tours they would tend to depart and return from here. However, a quick search via Viator and you’ll find more cosmopolitain alternatives you might want to look into. For hypothetical reasons I will start my AirBnB search in Oslo and move northward from there. This Wanderlist will then include 3 accommodation options from AirBnB because frankly, options are always nice. My favourite travel show, House Hunters International also presents 3 options so I am kind of stealing their format.

Away from the city in the hillside of Holmencollen sits this quaint home. First built as a stable in 1850 for animals in the wintertime, it was converted to this picturesque cabin that overlooks the valley. At only $124 CAD per night for 2 people it is a great escape for writers looking to finish their book or those who want to unplug.

A perfect budget option for 2 in the heart of Oslo is this flat for only $67 CAD per night. Central to restaurants, shipping and public transport, how could you say no to that price?

If you want to feel like you could be an extra in the TV series Vikings then this retro villa in Reine is for you. Bring out the fondue in this classic 60s style home surrounded by towering Norwegian mountains jutting from the sea. You can take in the aurora borealis right from the comfort of your retro living room at certain times of year for only $232 CAD per night! What a spectacular spot!

Resources and helpful links on my Wanderlist:

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A fantastic list of shopping in Oslo including food, clothing and bookshops



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