#ArtSmart – Art & Wine Festivals Around the World

This month the ArtSmart roundtable is taking a look at festivals. If you’re unfamiliar with #ArtSmart, I am a member of the ArtSmart Roundtable where a group of travel and art focused bloggers write monthly about a topic or theme. We each interpret the designated topic in our own way which means I’ve veered in the direction where my three passions meet – art, wine and travel.

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Living in the Okanagan I have experienced my fair share of wine festivals. With the amount of wine traveling that I do I have also seen a vast amount of wineries combining both art and wine whether in the form of on site galleries or sculptures plotted about the vineyard. In the Okanagan we also have a few wineries looking to support artists by allowing them to design labels for new releases adding a bit of rejuvenated interest for old favourites.

While the Okanagan wine valley hosts excellent food and wine festivals as well as single evening events, we don’t have an exclusive art & wine festival. Some might argue that some galleries in the area are venues for wine tasting evenings, which is certainly true but again it simply does not compare to these amazing events and festivals around the world. And how could we with an art city like Florence, a wine mecca like Bordeaux and small artistic towns like Sausalito these have got some of the best wine and art festivals in existence.

Know of any art & wine festivals in your area or beyond? Tell us about it in the comments below!



Wine & Art Festivals #ArtSmart

Bordeaux Wine Festival, June 23-26 2016

This biennial festival is a big deal with the International Festival of Pyrotechnics, the Bordeaux Music Festival and the Sound & Image Show all taking place together with the Bordeaux Wine Festival. I’m giving you plenty of time to plan for this one.
Purchase a wine pass and you can choose whether you walk, bus or boat to local Bordeaux wineries then take in a live concert, fireworks or the light show all in one of the most popular wine regions of the world.

Website & Ticket Information

Sausalito Art Festival #ArtSmart

Sausalito Art Festival, September 5-7th 2015

On the other side of the famed international red Golden Gat Bridge you’ll find the picturesque town of Sausalito. Looking like something from the Italian seaside with a San Franciscan flare this town hosts an art festival to support striving artists while also showcasing famous wines from the surrounding Northern Californian regions. Music, food, wine, and shopping is a dangerous combination!

Website & Ticket Information

Traverse City Wine & Art Festival

Traverse City Wine & Art Festival, June 20th 2015

Perhaps the last place I was expecting a wine and art festival, Traverse City in Michigan combines award winning wines from Northern Michigan, artists, music, food and educational workshops on wine and art. I think wine is probably the best thing to have before and during an art workshop to release your inhibitions and inner critic!

Website & Ticket Information


*All photos are from each festival’s official website.



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Know of another festival that combines art and wine? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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