Coffee, Croissant & Racy Reads: Pulp Fiction Coffee House {Video}

Do you like your coffee with a side of mystery or how about a femme fatale with steeping tea in hand? Whatever your choice of pulp fiction you’ll be able to find it over a cappuccino at Kelowna’s Pulp Fiction Coffee House
Upon entry the alluring scent of coffee and aged books make thrilling bedfellows for any cafe or literary savant. Posters of women with scant clothing adorn the walls and chrome retro tables and chairs are packed with patrons of all ages. In the far back corner there is a small nook where customers can use 21st century accoutrements such as computers and a printer or choose a vintage book to peruse during your stay. 

Pulp Fiction Coffee House in Kelowna, British Columbia

Connected to the cafe is a maze of an eclectic antique store featuring books for all ages and posters/prints for every budget and taste from classic pulp fiction, art and original Parisian prints from the early 1900s. Of course books and treasures are for purchase and with scads of nostalgic items to look through you may be there a while, so budget your time if not your money. I ended up spending the afternoon there and find myself needing to go back for more. There are so many gorgeous original prints and antique book ends I want to adorn my home with!

Pulp Fiction Coffee House, Kelowna, British Columbia Canada

Pulp Fiction Coffee House is a special place that has found its way into the hearts of many locals with an appreciation for nostalgia and cafe culture. The two marry to create a place unlike any other and can only be explained as if Paris’ iconic Shakespeare & Co. had coffee with Quentin Tarantino on the set of Pulp Fiction. It’s a space you’ll want to inhabit during a long Sunday afternoon and to top it all off you can shake hands with resident antique sleuth and genius behind it all, Max Sloan & his partner in crime, Robbie the Standard Poodle. As it turns out this cafe is much more fantastic than fiction!


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6 Responses to Coffee, Croissant & Racy Reads: Pulp Fiction Coffee House {Video}

    • I grew up in a family of antique collectors which is probably where I got my love of art history from. Antiques, vintage books or records etc. love it all!
      I can’t wait to return and choose one of the books to read with a cappuccino or hot chocolate on the next snow day.
      Thanks for stopping by Megan!

    • Yup, it says on the first 4-5 seconds in the video as well. But it’s here in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.
      It is a new favourite of mine and will be frequenting it often!
      Let me know if you do come this way and I’ll be sure to give you and your wife a tour.


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