5 Unusual Places to Visit in New York City

If you’re considering a visit to New York, you’ve certainly already heard of the Statue of Liberty, the Rockefeller Centre, Central Park, and the Empire State Building. CityPASS is here to guide you through New York City. It enables you to jump lines and save time, and learn more about this amazing city. Go beyond these well-known places and discover what the city is truly about.

The Jefferson Market

This awesome tower was first used as a courthouse between 1874 and 1877. Today, it is the Jefferson Market Branch of the New York Public Library and is situated right next to the Jefferson Market Garden. Get a ‘twofer’ and visit both of these historical places in the triangle of Greenwich Avenue, with 6th Avenue, and West 10th St.



The First New York City Subway Station

You’ve certainly seen the New York City Hall subway station in more than one movie. This iconic subway station was built in 1905, abandoned in 1945, and kept in excellent condition by the simple absence of visitors.

The Charging Bull

Right at the heart of the financial district on Wall Street, the world famous Charging Bull has received a new and iconic companion. The 3,200 kg piece was originally installed as a piece of guerrilla art but its popularity has kept it in place ever since. In March 2017, the Fearless Girl statue was added to the scene. Facing the bull in a defiant position, the statue raised many controversies and is a symbol of gender diversity. 

The Roosevelt Island Hospital

The Smallpox Hospital ruins on Roosevelt Island aren’t exactly one of the best-known places to visit in New York City, nor can they be described as an New York City attraction, but their crumbling, haunted charm makes them a compelling sight. Dating from the mid-1800s, these ruins are heavy with history.

The New York Botanical Gardens

The Haupt Conservatory, the Stone Mill, the rose garden, the Japanese rock garden, a library, and several research laboratories make for one of the most beautiful places to visit in New York. The Conservatory is a steampunk-looking contraption of glass and sculpted metal and truly worth a look.

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13 Responses to 5 Unusual Places to Visit in New York City

  1. We love New York City and get the chance to visit every year or so with my husband who travels for business. The kids and I get to explore and there is a long list of places to see in New York City. One of my favorites that isn’t on most lists of things to see is the JP Morgan library. The library there is right out of Harry Potter! I need to add the Roosevelt hospital to our list of things to see. Cool idea!

  2. I’ve visited the Statue of Liberty and the Charging Bull but never heard of the Roosevelt Island Hospital. Maybe we have to get a permission to get in and it looks scary. Would visit this place when I come to NYC next time.

    • My friend is making a go of it in NYC and I am hoping to be there in September. I’ll look for your NYC tips!
      The hospital would definitely be a cool visit!

    • The Roosevelt hospital is brand new to me too. Neat that CityPass encourages a stop at all these places while touring the iconic city. Thanks for stopping by Cynthia!

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